Hi there!

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to share our love for handcrafted products with you!


The Process

We are a tiny team of two and our polymer clay earrings are slow-made by hand. Let us share more about the handcrafting process; a beautiful, albeit tedious one.

Designs are first drawn on paper and then translated onto polymer clay. To do so, every intricate design is cut freehand or with cutters. After which, the earrings are then baked in small batches to ensure that the temperature is consistent, allowing them to be baked properly.  

The earrings then undergo sanding and polishing before the surgical steel backings are glued (Yay for sensitive ears with or without ear holes). Finally, they are carded, ready to be sent out to lovely new owners. 

As such, there is just so many pairs we can make in a day, making polymer clay earrings very cherished in the handmade community.


The Earrings

Every pair is handcrafted with love and are not made out of big machines in big quantities. As such, they are unique like you, where no two pairs are similar. They may sometimes come with some imperfections like us, with differences in shape and size or with bubbles and/or slight scratches on the surface.

This is part of the charm of a pair of handcrafted earrings and is also what makes them special. The small imperfections should not be seen as a fault as they will not affect the overall aesthetic of the product and its ability for use as intended. 


Accessory Care

Lastly, thank you for supporting handmade. You are not just supporting a person, a small business, a family or the economy. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation and we are deeply grateful.

Once again, we hope you love them as much as we did when making them. Do take time to view 'Accessory Care' to learn more about caring for them!

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